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What do I need to start working?


Starting to earn online is extremely simple. You need:
  • A computer.
  • A webcam.
  • A good Internet connection.
With these 3 tools you can begin working and earning straight away. RIV will provide you with a professional control panel through which you can manage all your work, check your earnings and upload new photos, videos and stories. You will be able to check control panel statistics in the side menu, giving you instant information on how many contacts you have sold and the amount of money you have earned!
Remember that you set the price for each contact detail and you can change the price at any time. You can also set a maximum number of contacts per month.
You will, of course, have the constant support of our technical staff, who are always available to help and give you advice. You just need to provide fun, fantasy and a sense of humour -the rest will look after itself!
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What do I need to start working?

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