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Would you like to work from home? Have you had enough of the usual bits of work that pay very little and take up all your time?
If you could have fun and earn big money online, whenever and from wherever you wanted, would you do it? During these tough times, it is becoming more and more difficult to find good jobs for women.
If you are an adult and would like to have fun while earning big money, then this is for you.
By registering with RIV and videochatting with other people you could earn over 2,000 euros or dollars a month. If you are creative and enjoy writing erotic stories you can sell them and earn money; if you enjoy fetish and want to sell your lingerie, on RIV you will find plenty of buyers; if you enjoy being photographed or making hardcore videos, with us you could sell them at high prices.
RIV is the best-known webcam community in Italy. We have thousands of visitors a day exchanging contact details and spending money on lingerie and much more. Don't delay, join us and make some money!

How can I earn money online?


First of all you must be an adult. Then, all you have to do is register with RIV, fill in the registration form and send us your identification documents.
Once your profile is approved you will be ready to join in the fun and make some money.
You will be able to log on whenever and however you want, with no contract-based limitations or set working hours... the perfect job for women! It's simple: the more time you spend online the more opportunities you will have to earn money!
Your earnings will depend on your availability, on the time you have available and the response from our users.
Our women's monthly earnings are over 2,000 euros/dollars.

What does this work for women consist of?


By registering with Riv, the largest Italian erotic videochat, you will be able to earn money from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want, through the following activities:
  • Giving out your email address
  • Giving out your mobile phone number
  • Giving out your ICQ/MSN/Yahoo Messenger/AIM address
  • Selling your private photos
  • Selling your private videos
  • Selling your lingerie
  • Doing live shows
  • Offering a live Spycam
  • Using RIVphone
  • Writing erotic stories
  • Showing yourself on webcam for video chats

What do I need to start working?


Starting to earn online is extremely simple. You need:
  • A computer.
  • A webcam.
  • A good Internet connection.
With these 3 tools you can begin working and earning straight away. RIV will provide you with a professional control panel through which you can manage all your work, check your earnings and upload new photos, videos and stories. You will be able to check control panel statistics in the side menu, giving you instant information on how many contacts you have sold and the amount of money you have earned!
Remember that you set the price for each contact detail and you can change the price at any time. You can also set a maximum number of contacts per month.
You will, of course, have the constant support of our technical staff, who are always available to help and give you advice. You just need to provide fun, fantasy and a sense of humour -the rest will look after itself!

How much can I earn?


You manage your work, so how much you can earn depends on you... Let's just say that the more you're online and the more new material you upload to your personal page, such as stories, lingerie, videos and photos, the more opportunities you'll have to earn money.
If you become the RIV girl of the month, your earnings will increase by 5%. Many women do this job full time. Working 8 hours a day they can earn over 5,000 euros or dollars a month.
Part time Cam girls can earn as much as 2,000 euros.
Payments are made once a month, directly into your bank accoun

Who are we?


RIV is a website owned by RIV Group SA, the top online entertainment company.
RIV Group SA has been running RIV since 2003 and has changed it from a small site with a few hundred members into the best-known webcam community in Italy and Europe. RIV Group SA is based in the United States and also works in telecommunications and IRV services. RIVCash is managed by Creacom Inc.
RIV also owes its fame to the media, who have covered the phenomenon widely and contributed to its unprecedented prominence. Take a look for yourself.

Many women have become famous through this work...

The most famous women that work with us are delighted with their situation and have appeared on some of the most famous Italian media shows. We would advise you not to waste time looking for jobs for women that are simply a waste of time and money: register with Ragazzeinvendita.com and start having fun and making money... Don't waste more time looking for the perfect job for women online... Register with RIV now, you won't regret it!
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